Where are all the guys who actually want a relationship? P

Whenever i go on a date I always get the guys admitting they are just after something casual or a FWB type thing, none of them want a relationship.

It doesn’t matter how i meet them either online dating, through friends, etc, they never want more than sex (they don’t get the sex either) I prefer to get to know someone before having sex with them and i tell guys this. I even waited a month before having sex with my last FWB!

I don’t know, like why do they put on their profiles they want a relationship and then say they aren’t ready for anything serious for whatever reasons?

Ive been single 5 years, I’ve had the FWB thing and at the time it was what i needed but now i want something more than that, id like someone to love and someone to love me back!

Im very independent but I’m also fed up of having nobody here to support me when i do need it... i can get laid if i want it thats not an issue but i need more than sex to be happy