Relationship Advice- am I overthinking this?

So my boyfriend and I (both 30) have been discussing moving in together this Summer. We’ll have been together for just under a year at that point and I stay at his place a few nights a week already. He is the one who initially brought up us moving in together and brought it up a couple of times. So I started looking for places for us to go visit to see what places we liked and what not, but 90% of the time I bring it up he changes the topic or acts uninterested. But when we hung out with his best friend and his wife last week, they both mentioned to me that my BF told them about us moving in together this Summer and how they’re so excited for us. I’m so freaking confused. My previous relationship (5years) was extremely unhealthy as he emotionally/ verbally abused and manipulated me the entire time. I lived with him on and off for 3 years. It’s definitely left me feeling doubtful in my ability to “read” what’s happening in my relationship. So I can’t tell if it’s just me overthinking/freaking out or if he’s truly not interested in moving in together........😩