Not sure what to think anymore πŸ˜”


Hi girls, advice needed. My partner is a paraplegic and has been since I met him. I feel in love with the person that he is, however as time goes on it appears he is very possessive or that’s how it seems.

He asks 1001 questions about other men. Now these men could be someone random walking past us both in the street now I darent make eye contact with another man because he may take it I like this other guy ( when I don’t).

We don’t live together and I have two children from previous relationship (which was abusive) I am currently pregnant with my current partners child. He is getting annoyed with me if I plan to do something on my own without him being involved. This could be just meeting up with a friend or taking my eldest to see a mate etc.

I basically feel I have to inform him of my every move. I don’t know what to do anymore. Am I just being hormonal? Am I believing this is like my past relationship?

I feel trapped right now being pregnant πŸ˜”