Trying to feel better.


I know some of you will look and think “girl there’s nothing wrong with your size”, “I wish I was that small” and all these other things but please hear me out for a minute.

Try being smaller than what I currently am and having a person that you were suppose to trust and love tell you that you are fat, you need to loose weight, I wish you looked that this (showing a girl with abs). I broke off that relationship after 2 years of the emotional physical and sexual abuse. I broke off that relationship 3-4 years ago now.

When I look in the mirror I still hear his voice. I have gained 10 lbs since then (at one point it was even more). My boyfriend I am with now always tells me I’m perfect that he loves everything about me. But those negative words that were slammed into my head still haunt me.

I know to some this may seem silly or attention seeking but I promise it’s not. I’m just trying to be happy with myself again. Trying to get confident with my body once again.