Is this a coincidence??? Could I be pregnant? Should I test??!

I just started temping (late this cycle) and my temps have been pretty high. At dpo 7, there was a temp drop and I had some cramping in the front, but no bleeding or spotting. Is this an implantation dip?

I overlayed my chart (purple dots) with three other people’s charts (GREEN) in fertility finder. All of these people had a positive hpt, with a confirmed implantation dip. My chart seems to match similarly as well but is it just a coincidence and I’m fooling myself? I know I have to keep temping. Could I be pregnant or am I reading too much into this?

The only other strange symptom is much more acne than normal! It hasn’t been this bad in years. Thanks for your input!! I am trying to wait before I start testing. ☺️ I am not expected to get my period until dpo 14/15, or CD 28.