I was gonna post this anon, but I don’t feel embarrassed to talk about this. I have been talking to this guy for about three months, and we plan on having sex before we leave (to go back to college). I stayed up with him until 5am and most of the time we were talking about sex. He was asking me all kinds of questions like “what turns you on” and “do you spit or swallow.” I mean I wasn’t gonna lie to him about those questions.

ANYWAY, the last time I had sex was about a year ago and it was not a good experience. The guy I had sex with had a good time, but I didn’t. So I’m sitting here like “what if the guy I’m talking to don’t like how I work in bed” because all guys are different and enjoy different things. AND THEN I TOLD HIM I NEVER HAD A GREAT ORGASM! Now I’m just like idk how this experience will be when it happens.