Wanting to raise kids in a different way?

Me and my SO aren't planning on having kids anytime soon but we do discuss the future a lot. We talk about how many kids we want, weather we'd prefer boys or girls (obviously we'd be so happy with either but in dreamland!) and then when it comes to raising them, we have so many different opinions. He was always raised in a reasonably strict household whereas my mum is literally the least strict person on the planet.

For example, he was brought up so when he got back from school he'd have to change into normal everyday clothes but when I got back from school we could just stay however we fancy, most of the time we got into our pyjamas because they're comfy and I'd love to have that for my kids just because it's all cosy but he says that pyjamas should only be worn at night time.

Just the little things that I've always wanted to have in my kids lives he disagrees with.

Did anyone else experience this with a partner? How did you sort it out?

I know I shouldn't be worrying about this now because it's not happening yet but I can't help it.

Thank you.