Stuffy nose 😔 please help!

Charlie • UK / 23 / Engaged / Leo George 23/09/2018💙👶🏼

So I’m 20 weeks now and I’ve had a stuffy nose/cold since 8 weeks. I’ve finally had enough! As getting a bigger bump sleeping is getting less comfy and I keep constantly waking up in the night as I can’t breathe or can’t sleep at all which isn’t helping the sickness.

Apparently it’s called pregnancy Rhinitis which can be common about 30% of women can experience this any time through pregnancy or all the way through.

Just wanted to know if anyone else has it and can anyone help me? My midwife has said nothing :( I’m currently using nose strips to expand my nose to breathe better, also using vapour rub and Olbas oil recommend by pharmacy. Been drinking hot drinks and they don’t help just makes my throat gunky and taking paracetamol when it’s bad.

Please help! (Live in UK)