Keep you’re head held high! Keep trying!

Kirsty🌈👶 • 18💁🏼 6•01•17👫 #MyAngelBaby 15/01/18👼 Dakota-Rose 25:01:19👶❤️

For those of you that are still TTC don’t give up keep trying! I am 18 years old and I’ve been through the wars and I won’t give up! I got pregnant last year and when I went to the hospital as I was bleeding I got an internal scan I was there for a good 5/10 minutes and they turned around and said” to can’t see a heart beat I’m going to have to get a second opinion” the way he said I will never forget my blood boiled that much I could have strangled him! But lucky for me my boyfriends mum was there🤭 I had a miscarriage which led my relationship sinking I was depressed but I got there with the help and support of my boyfriend and his family and mine. From that day on I blamed myself I seen people pushing prams or shouting at the kids and it used to irate me to the max I know I am only young but there is reasons for me trying early as a lot of my family have had miscarriages which scares me to think I’ll never be a mummy!!😒 I have currently missed my period by a week I took a test to find out I’m pregnant which scares me to think it will happen again but you’ve got to hold you’re head high and think the best will happen 🤞i also forgot to mention that during my miscarriage I found out that my dads girlfriend was pregnant and when she found out the gender I knew 2 weeks after I would have known my baby’s gender😒 please ladies keep faith and you’ve got to try and never give in for the things you want in life!!❤️