First Round of IUI


Hello everyone. I e been TTC for almost two years. After a roller coaster of medical issues, getting ready to start <a href="">IUI</a>, postponing, etc I’m currently on cycle day 14. No positive for ovulation yet. I’m supposed to call the doctor as soon as I have a positive and the next day my husband and I go in for <a href="">IUI</a>. First of all, how do you remain patient? My doctor said to start testing for ovulation on day 10. So every negative is really aggravating. Secondly, my doctor isn’t the most accessible. Her nurse is and very responsive. I met the doctor in January. And any call I’ve made or question I’ve had has been by the nurse. I’ve taken Letrozole this round (made me feel awful) but no testing of follicles or anything like that. Is this normal? I’m trying to be patient but with all this disappointment and postponing, I’ve just stopped being hopeful.