Could I be pregnant ??? Opinions please

missy • MissyLouisexox

Ok so I have PCO and can’t take any contraception as I have a bad reaction to it. Me and my partner have been having sex unprotected for four years. The first 2 and a bit years we had sex a lot but I wasn’t having a period very often. Like every 12 weeks or something. (Really painful though)

But I got my period back through diet and healthy living (took a year) no medication.

For like the last year and half we haven’t had sex too much. He’s just not interested anymore. Think he’s depressed and stuff. Anyways. We did have sex twice on my first two ovulation days - I didn’t realise until just now when I checked this app, and also a day after my ovulation supposedly finished.

Now I’m five days late!!

I’m moody af - as normal, had pelvic and vaginal pain so thought I was coming on but last few days no pain or cramping and plus my boobs haven’t got massive like they usually do and all sore. They feel fine.

Does this mean I could be pregnant? Or am I just being paranoid??