My funny experience

Chloe • Baby boy due July 2019 💙

So this morning I was officially late for my period. I have a short luteal phase and am 11 or 12dpo.

I tested with the only test I had, which was a blue dye cheap test from Sainsbury's. I did it whilst I sat on the toilet and there was a faint line. Blue and in the time frame!

However, when I came to wipe I looked down and saw a decent amount of blood and wiped a good amount of bright red blood away. I thought AF is here, must be a false positive or a chemical. I had a shower and put a pad on.

However, since then I haven't had a single bit of blood on my pad or when I wipe. Not even old brown residual blood. Nothing at all, not a spot.

Is this too late for implantation bleeding? Has anyone else experienced this at all?