Second Ectopic in 3 months


I had an ectopic pregnancy in my left tube in June 2018 but didn’t post as felt I was dealing ok with it at the time. I thought from the beginning of that pregnancy that something was wrong and we have a beautiful 1 year old girl (and my husband is wonderful) so I felt I could deal with it. I had a total left salpingectomy in June and nothing was found to be wrong with my right tube.

We were lucky enough that both times we managed to conceive in the first month of trying despite me having a huge gynae history and ongoing endometriosis.

I found out I was pregnant again 2 weeks ago and had a feeling something wasn’t quite right again, but thought I was being insane. And we were so lucky that it happened first try again. When I started having mild pains on the left again I really thought I was insane as I have no tube there.

I went for my early scan and they couldn’t see anything intrauterine even though I had an HCG of 2200 so they should have done- sent home with pregnancy of unknown location, for repeat bloods and repeat scan. Bloods were doubling so all looking good.

I had the second scan 2 days ago and they found that I had another ectopic- on the left again. It was an interstitial ectopic which they had to operate on to remove again. The consultant has said he has never seen it happen before as I ovulated from the right, it travelled down the healthy tube and then travelled across to the other side and effectively implanted in the old stump.

I’m back home now and physically recovering really well. And I know I should be grateful that we have always got pregnant quickly and that I still have a functioning right tube and a lovely daughter, but I’m all over the place.

One minute I feel completely fine, the next I’m bawling my eyes out or arguing about something completely irrational with my husband.

We have been told that because of the damage to my uterus with it being an interstitial ectopic, we have to wait a minimum of 6 months to try again- which I know isn’t the end of the world, it’s just hard when we thought we would have another baby in January, and then we thought we would have another in May.

I’m not sure the purpose of me posting this or what I’m hoping for, but I think it has helped just typing it out to be honest. Sorry to all those in a similar situation x