On The Fence👶🏼

So my aunt announced a few days ago that she was expecting her first child. While I’m very excited for her, I don’t like the baby’s father. The baby’s father is her now fiancé that she met less than seven months ago and he’s just an all-around sketchy guy. He’s rude, hard to please, doesn’t have a job nor does he give a damn enough to look for one, lazy, still legally married to his ex-wife (👀☕️), and he complains about every. little. thing. Like one time I sat across from him and my aunt at a restaurant during a family dinner and all he did was pretty much dissect the food on his plate and critique it like he was Gordon Ramsey or something.

I’m very happy for my aunt because I know she’s wanted a family for a very long time, but I just don’t feel like her fiancé will be a responsible father or a reliable spouse.