Should I just back off ?

So this girl (we’re going to call her butterfly) and I have been messing around for some weeks now and I’m starting to really like her. Well on Monday butterfly told me that she didn’t want to be in a relationship and she promised someone back home that she wouldn’t get into one. I thought that was crazy because butterfly claimed that she liked me, wanted to be with me and called me her girl. Yesterday I asked her if she had a girl back home and she took a long time to respond. I told her that I wasn’t going to be anyone’s second option. We also ended up messing around again and now I regret it because I feel like she’s playing me.

The person she promised to back home is also her ex and is coming to campus and her ex wants to meet me for some odd reason. Mind u this girl knows that we have done stuff.

Idk what to do in this situation. Should I just back off on butterfly ?