Insomnia and 3 days late...

According to my tracker I'm currently 3 days late (unfortunately haven't been completely on top of temps and testing this month though, so don't know exact ovulation day.. :/).

I've been feeling nauseous, mainly when I'm hungry/about to eat and my boobs are quite tender, however, I've now had these two symptoms for the last 2 months on the lead up to my period (but never ever had sore boobs before this) so I don't know what to think anymore. I've also experienced insomnia for the last two nights which is very very unusual for me, one thing I can do well is sleep lol but I know early pregnancy should make me more tired not less, right?

I know the obvious thing would be to take a test but I'm hesitant right now because I'm staying at my parents (~150 miles from home+hubby) visiting family for the rest of the week and I wouldn't have anyone to tell if it does end up positive! I dont want to tell hubby over the phone and don't want anyone else knowing before him but I also think keeping it to myself for so long would be very difficult!

Advise on symptoms and how long to wait before testing would be appreciated.