Is A Truck Driver A “MAN’s” Job?

I’ve always wanted to be a truck driver since as far as I can remember. My husband is a truck driver, my dad and a few other members. I finally got the courage to become a truck driver finally and am taking the steps to become one. Back story: I went to school to be a medical biller. I hated it! Worst stage of my life from 19-21; from 21 to now (23) I’ve been a house wife works perfectly fine for my husband and I (no kids yet) so it’s great. Beginning of 2018 I decided i wanted a driving job so I started going to school to be a school bus driver mid way to completing it I wasn’t happy cause it wasn’t what I wanted so I stopped going. My family was so excited that I was “going” to bus driving school. Every time they would ask how it’s going I would always make up a story that it was great best thing of my life just so they wouldn’t tell me anything. My husband was okay with me not doing it cause he knew deep down that wasn’t what I wanted he fully supports that I wanna drive semi trucks. Anyways fast forward to to this month the week of thanks giving I finally got my permit to drive semis I was so excited non of my family knew I was trying to get my class A or even knows what I am doing with my life better yet. Thanksgiving I decided to tell my family to share my excitement that I start my classes soon to drive and they just put me down telling me it’s a mans job and that if I was dumb for doing a “MAN’s” job and it really made me feel like 💩

So I really want to know what you girls think.

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