I’m pregnant!!


It’s been a almost 6 months of me getting off birth control and us letting things happen... we kept saying if it’s meant to be it will be. We didn’t want to stress but honestly after a few months I think we both felt discouraged.. and we finally let it go.. well for Christmas we went to visit family in Mexico and i was sooo exhausted I mean i would fall asleep everywhere.. then i got really sick so I figured that’s what it was.. but I got better and I still feel exhausted but I kept telling myself that it’s my body recovering. I refused to get my hopes up, today I was suppose to get my period so I thought I’ll just take a test. I have had no symptoms besides being tired and missing my period which I thought was just late. The two lines immediately showed up.. and now I’m shaking of excitement I wanted to call my husband but I really want to surprise him but I needed to tell someone!!! Now I’m just sitting here staring at the test.. I’m so grateful, and so happy! I can’t wait for my hubby to come home from work! Also sorry I’m not so sure what the correct place for this to go would be.