Advice please... implantation (I think) but neg test



Just wondering if others have experienced this?

I’ve been having what I think could be implantation bleeding intermittently over the last 3 days - brown, very light discharge and spotting, on the first day more gooey and lighter since with gaps of nothing at all and only wearing a panty liner.

Despite my periods varying between 24-31 days per cycle, they always begin exactly the same being relatively medium on the first day heavy on the second and third then light to end. I’ve never experienced this type of what still could be a period maybe? My period was due (day 28 avg) yesterday but this doesn’t seem to be like my normal period as described.

I took a pregnancy test 2 days ago and again today, both negative.

Just wondering if anyone’s experienced this before? I guess it’s just a waiting game for me really and see if a heavier period starts or test again in a few more days? Any similar stories would be interesting to hear xxx