pregnant possibility?


i doubt i am but i’m also making myself worry

the last time i had sex was dec 7th and it was protected sex, up until we switched condoms to keep going and it ripped as soon as he put it in

i took a test to ease my nerves like dec 14 and then started my period dec 16. it lasted 6 days and was very heavy, very dark red and with a lot of clotting so clearly not implantation bleeding

it’s now jan 17 and i’m now 3 days late for AF and i’ve been cramping and my boobs have been super tender and i’ve gotten my usual acne. my symptoms have been here for about a week or so too.

problems is i’ve been having this weird discharge that feel like water/pee and it’s always just like two or three drops every few hours for the past two-three days

could i possibly be pregnant? or is af just being lazy and wanting to show up later than usual. <a href="">eve</a> normally has my start date right on the money but me being late is stressing me out which i know doesn’t help my case either