12 weeks small bump too early for maternity clothes?

Hazel • STM. Russell born 7th August 2019 and now pregnant with baby number 2 🇬🇧

This is the first time I've had a pregnancy get to 12 weeks. I have my firt scan on Friday (I'm in the UK)

My stomach has grown but not like some of yours I've seen in pictures on here! It's not looking much like a bump yet but my stomach is bigger and harder than it was. At some points in the day it seems more bump like than other times in the day 🤷‍♀️

My work trousers that were a nice loose fit on my tummy are now tight.

Is it too soon to get maternity clothes? Will the maternity clothes just fall down due to being too loose? Or look strange because my belly bump won't be big enough to fill them?

But I don't want to just buy the next size up of normal clothes because then the legs and butt will look ridiculously baggy on me and stuff.

I know I could just go try on maternity clothes and see but thought I'd get your thoughts first.

12 weeks seems too early to me... But maybe it isn't...