not that into me?


my boyfriend and i are long distance; but we see each other once/twice a fortnight- weve been together for 6months, and i literally wanna be with him all the time, but he doesnt seem to want anything sexually unless we’ve been drinking a lil together... we had sex (sober) this morning before he left to go home for 2 weeks, but i was literally begging him, and he kept kinda rushing things because he had to “catch the train” but it wasnt until later, and there was fully time... which idk made me feel quite low, because it just made me feel like he’s not feeling it with me sexually anymore, or maybe just doesnt want to be with me anymore... i tried to bring it up but he just gave me a kiss and told me not to be silly, and that he loves me- but i still feel sad because we wont see each other for 2 weeks, and it seems like a tricky way to leave things :/ any advice?