7 years. WARNING: mention of sexual assault

Yesterday was 7 years. 7 years since the night he ruined who I was for so long. 7 years since i started to question everything i was, am, and will be. Ive been through a lot of ups and downs since then, never reported him, in fact at times defended him to avoid conflict. I felt so helpless and ashamed for years. 7 years have went by and i never found an answer to how to "get over it" or "forget about it" like some people tell you to, but yesterday was the first "anniversary" (i dont know what else to call it) that i didnt pour my feelings out, to someone who probably doesnt care or understand, about how much pain it caused and how sad i was because yesterday was the first anniversary of my rape that i actually have accepted what happened and holy crap does it feel like a whole new life when i realized that laying in bed last night. I have finally forgiven myself, for the most part, for what happened to me. For anyone struggling with a situation similar, know that someday, you will feel stronger and you are so brave 💕❤!