Please help 😪


Usually my period has been on time but in April i started working out heavy and a lot because i was traveling with my bf to the Bahamas for 5 days (which was last Monday to Saturday) anyway we had sex almost daily without condom using the pull out method plus since it was 14 days after i finished ovulating i thought there’s a slim to no chance of Roshana my anyways I’m back now and it’s my 3rd day missing my period....i took the test yesterday and it can put negative but I’m not feeling any symptoms of period such as cramps (could be due to working out) only thing is my nipples were painful for two days befor tonday but today they are back to normal.....should i go to the doctor for proper test? I had major pms symptoms like cramping and bloating last week which is normal since i always get my pms symptoms a week before my period...should i worry even if my test came out negative yesterday? (Used Clearblue early detector)