37+6 & feeling like πŸ’© 😭😭😭😭

Ashleigh β€’ Baby Emmanuel born on the 08th June 2019 πŸ’™

So I've been having these symptoms for at least 2 weeks now:

- mostly persistent lower back pain

- period type pains

- muscle cramps in lower tummy

- on and off tightenings

- feeling nauseous on and off

- loose bowel movements

- mild headaches

- peeing a lot more

- disrupted sleep

- pressure in pelvis

- lightening

- aching legs

Only now, everything is 100 times worse, it feels like I'm gonna puke any second, like my body has been beaten up and SPD is going to break my pelvis.

I have an appointment on Wednesday 5th June for a growth scan (baby is measuring ahead) and to see my consultant. I'll be 38+5 then. If I haven't gone into labour before then and they don't offer me an induction on that day, I am going to cry and beg them. This is no joke any more 😭😭😭😭