Hey Ladies, So Iโ€™m Kinda New To This Whole Thing. My Husband & I Have Been Having Unprotected Sex . He Would Pull Out & Cum Then Put It Back In & Continue To Have Sex With Me . I Finished My Period Like 2 Weeks Ago & Iโ€™m Not Due For My Next Period For Another Two Weeks . My Periods Are Very Normal & Come At The Say Time Every Month . But Earlier This Morning When I Used The Bathroom I Whipped & Had Pinkish Blood On The Toilet Paper . I Ignored It But Later On In The Afternoon A Big Gush Of Blood Came Out Like I Was On My Period I Bleed Thru My Pants . It Wasnโ€™t The Normal Period Blood It Was More Watery & Thinner . But Then The Bleeding Stopped. & Again Once I Go Use The Bathroom & Wipe Thereโ€™s A Pinkish Blood . I Googled What It Could Be And It Said It Could Be Implantation Bleeding. After I Saw That I Went & Brought A Pregnancy Test & It Came Out Negative This Has Never Happened To Me So Iโ€™m Confused . Could I Really Be Pregnant Or Can Someone Tell Me More About Implantation Bleeding . Sorry For The Long Post .