Blighted ovum


Had another early scan today after passing a couple small clots at the weekend and while they can’t 100% confirm yet (I have the joy of waiting 2 weeks for that appointment), the sac had grown optimally (from 7mm to 17mm in a week) but is currently empty... Looking likely to be a blighted ovum. I can’t believe it. Absolutely gutted. Glad I’m aware sooner rather than later (6weeks) but it’s still rubbish. Just want it ‘over and done with’ now so I can move on and get bk to normal. Not trying to be insensitive either it’s just I feel like I’m in limbo, waiting. I still can’t do normal pre-pregnancy stuff yet either- just in case! Do they do fertility tests after something like this to make sure there’s no fundamental reason for it or do you just have to open yourself up to the possibility again and hope for the best?!