How long after d&c were you getting positives?


I had a d&c/erpc 4 weeks ago (was 12 weeks but baby died at 6). I tested on cheapies until negative at 3 weeks. I tested on a cheapie again because I have been extremely tired and having a couple of other symptoms so I tested and got a ghost line (ie one that only a crazy line lady would see) so I bought a frer. It has a faint but definite line. It’s very unlikely that I’m pregnant again as we’ve been using condoms since this is my second mc since March so I’m getting tests done before trying again. However we did have one night where he went in for a couple of minutes before we remembered to put the condom on. The chances of pregnancy from that are really low though so I’m guessing that this is leftover hcg since I’ve basically been pregnant all year.

Did any of you test with a frer afterwards and how long did it take to get to negative? Thank you x