Just broke up :(


Hey guys...actually it s not a long time that i m using this app, but i really feel comfortable here and want to share my feelings with u

After a 6 months of a deep love long distance relationship , he broke up with me 3 days ago

Without any good reason!

Just said : niloo sorry we tried so much,we had nice memories, feelings,dreams but this is not working for me!

Wish u luck , bye

And u know he had been changed suddenly 5 days after our last meeting

It was like a shock for me ! Cause everything was fine

At least in my point of view!

He was the first one i ve ever had sex with..

i dont know what should i do after this!

BTW i m trying to focus on other things,not to think about him or feel sad!

Wish me luck ❤️🙏🏻💪🏼💪🏼