Picky or asexual?

This is long, but please read it all :D

[23 F] As a teen, I had two big crushes, I used to feel what I thought was ‘horny’ sometimes and i would fantasize about them every night and imagine kissing and cuddling naked and exploring bodies. I thought this was normal sexual attraction.

When I started university, I just stopped being attracted to guys. No one would make me feel attracted like the guys before or particular men I liked in movies.

I had the occasional guy that I felt really attracted to, they weren’t stereotypically hot but had something sexy about them to me. I didn’t fantasize about them like I did as a teenager, I was busy, but I still thought about sex but was a bit nervous to go through with it, although the opportunity never arose.

Then I met a guy who I thought was lovely then I started imagining sex with him all the time. When he touched me, I used to get aroused but when we had sex it just wasn’t that great. We’d sext and I’d get turned on by his naked pics and sexy messages, but when it came to actually having sex, I didn’t enjoy it. Maybe he wasn’t good???

Now I’m 23, and haven’t felt such attraction to anyone for ageeees! I don’t have a continuous libido, actually it’s disappeared for months now, usually it pops up around ovulation. Now I’m worried I should have libido all the time. I don’t feel any attraction to guys on tv anymore and I rarely feel attracted to guys I pass on the bus or on the street, even tinder guys don’t do anything for me, I just see it as a boring face and nothing special.

I’m worried this is me forever now. Why am I only rarely attracted to someone and why can’t i find the type I like (if it is a type?) I feel incapable of attraction at the minute. Maybe I’m super picky??? I used to enjoy sexting but I don’t think at the moment it would do anything for me Occasionally I see a super hot guy and feel attracted a bit, but then if I went another day I might not be attracted anymore.

Should I have a libido all the time? Should I be attracted to guys I see on tv???