What is wrong with me?

I don’t know if it is a rip, friction burn, yeast infection or std, bc I’ve been doing research and it sounds like all of them. I had sex about a week ago and this is when all of this started. I have what looks like it could be a white scab on both insides of my labia and theyre sore and the area is a little red around the “scabs”. It also burns when I pee, but I think it’s just bc the pee is hitting the “cut” or whatever it is. I have thick white discharge. And then where the “scabs” are it’s leaving marks like a cut would leave on a bandaid in my underwear. It’s slightly itchy, but mainly bc it’s so uncomfortable and keeps sticking to my underwear. And I smell like a sweet musk down there kind of I guess I don’t know how else better to describe it. I’m going on vacation this week so I can’t go to the doctor and if it’s a cut hopefully it’ll be healed bc that’ll be two weeks from when it started. But do you guys have any idea what is going on? Or something similar because I have no clue.