Should I talk to him?

Ok so the other night me and my boyfriend were taking a shower together he got out first and when I came back into the room he had my phone. He said he needed my password for iTunes to download Netflix for me. And the other day before that he was on my phone and he closed something and ended up looking at my internet (said because he saw a recipe for cookies and was curious) and I’ve also noticed that when he’s texting someone on my phone he scrolls up to see other messages. He’s been cheated on before by his ex’s so maybe he’s worried about me doing that? Which I would never cheat on him or hide anything from him. I actually don’t really care that he gets on my phone. But when he’s looking at past messages I was like “I don’t do that to you.” I also think he deleted something off my Snapchat. He use to have it and then deleted. I never deleted his messages from Snapchat and they surprisingly stayed but now there gone.

I should add that I have talked to him before a while back and asked him if he trusts me he said yes. He’s even said that he wants to marry me one day. I have caught him talking to another girl a long while back and I confronted him about it he tried to say no but he eventually told me the truth.

Apparently she had gotten his number some how and he couldn’t figure out who she was and she wasn’t telling him apparently and so he told her to leave him alone and he didn’t think he should tell me since it wasn’t really anything. They were sending snaps back and forth him trying to figure out if he knew her or not. Believe me it didn’t make sense to me.

I love him I really really do and I just want to fix things. I’ve looked through his phone recently (I regret it I really do that’s not like me to do something like that this is the second time and last time.) I didn’t find anything though which is good.

Trust issues are super bad for a relationship and that’s why I want and need to fix it.