Positive Pregnancy Test Dream... Am I Pregnant?!

Guys I had a dream last night that I took a pregnancy test and it was a BIG FAT POSITIVE! I was so happy & it felt SO real. The dream was so vivid and I’ve been having some little symptoms here and there but I’m trying not to get myself to worked up because I always symptom spot and I’m never pregnant lol so they could be pms symptoms bc my period is due in 2 days but I haven’t been getting my usual pms symptoms 🤔 so maybe it was my subconscious predicting stuff... 🤞🏽 IDK & I’m scared to take a test because I could to get a false negative but I don’t wanna wait! 😭 The dream just felt SO REAL!

Have any of you guys had dreams of taking a test/being pregnant and then it actually happened??? Please comment some of your stories!