Should I go down and tell her

This weekend my brother is coming in from out of town and my dad is giving my bro his room to sleep in and will be camping out in my moms room upstairs. I sleep upstairs also in another room. I guess my mom has picked up on the fact that I chat on my phone every morning. Even tho I close the door, turn my fan on and step in my closet to speak. Anyway she doesn’t know that I am talking to my man who is in prison. We talk every morning b4 he goes to school. Right b4 8 am. But seeing that it’s a weekend he may sleep in. My dad will be camped out for 2 mornings. Anywho on my way up for the night my mom said “remember dad will be up there so try to avoid any drama” then she mentioned about how he would ask who am I on the phone with. But I will talk to my man when he calls. I will even go to the basement if it’s b4 I head out to work tomorrow. I am an adult and I will not be told what to do. I do have a history tho of dating men they have been concerned with. They aren’t thrilled about my man now, except they don’t know him and I r back together and he’s locked up til the beginning of November. I know I went on n on but do u think I should say more to her about that comment that she made to me or leave it alone? And whenever I am on the phone they know it’s never just a friend. I don’t have any girlfriends. They just figure it’s some unideal guy. I have a right to not mention anything, that’s my business. But I guess some assume the situation isn’t great when not mentioned, but anyways that’s my man, and I love him and I will not be stopped