Am I being insecure?

My boyfriend follows his ex on Instagram and has her on Snapchat, she started messaging him talking about her breakup (they were conversating) and then out of nowhere says “if I ever had a chance I’d be open to being with you again... and how much she liked him, etc” and I told him to respond and let her know that he in a relationship (which she already knew about). It took him a while to even say it just straight up like he didn’t want to hurt her feelings or somthing. 💁🏻‍♀️ so then he finally says it then they continue to text and she’s steady calling him nick names and then calls him by his middle name. And so I’m sitting here like (wtf?) wondering why he’s even allowing that. So I tell him I’m not comfortable with that and asked him to block her..... it’s been at least a month or two and he still hasn’t. I haven’t been persistent on asking but I have asked twice within the couple months. And still she isn’t blocked.

So today I go on his insta just to look at my man yanno cause I missed him and he is at work and I was just wondering who liked his photos and I see his ex liking all his photos. So I click onto her page and see he’s liking all of her photos AS WELL.

Photos with her titties all sexual n such, lickin her lips to some sensual music “acting sexy” and he likes every single one of those.

I feel like I am being betrayed honestly. Because I asked him to block her because I didn’t feel she was respecting my relationship.

One time I liked a video of a guy singing that I’ve never even talked to in that kind of way and he acted all like I did something to him. And told me not to anymore.

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