Who is to be blamed

I’m 18 but since I’m short and have a baby face people think I’m younger. I’m recently on this app that does live videos and when I signed up it didn’t have my confirm my age which I thought was odd and got me thinking about if there were underage kids on the app. And he are some rules the app has. Also some of the viewers say I’m a child but I’m not and some of them tell me to get naked, etc but they don’t get banned or removed.

* When you sign up the site says you have to be 18+ but don’t have you confirm your age (normally sites that are 18+ say you have to prove your age by license,passport, etc)

* The app says that if you’re found to be underage then you account gets banned permanently

* the app sometimes allows girls to show themselves in thongs and smoke (which are against the rules) but they don’t get banned.

* when I do my shows I got banned for my pants being see through, and my short dress. I got banned for 10 mins-4 days but when I was tanning in my bikini I didn’t get banned. (Which I don’t understand) I wasn’t touching myself inappropriately or showing my parts which I don’t understand.

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