Honestly, I’m hurt.

So over the summer I’ve been working and saving my money. I almost had $400 dollars. I pet my aunt borrow $20 for food and then before she paid me back I let her borrow another $20 so she wouldn’t get fired from her job (she works in fast food, and her register was short $20) and before any of you say it, I know I know I’m too nice. She paid me back and everything was fine, no issues. The other day she asked to borrow another $20 for dinner (tacos) I was at work and I guess she expected me to get food from my job, she said she was gonna “put me up some food” but she basically bought food to feed her “friends” anywho, she asked for $20 but took $30 I knew that once she seen I had more than that, that she was gonna take more and she did. Without asking. And yes it’s a big deal cause I’m giving, so don’t take from me no matter the amount. After that I had $360 this morning I noticed $60 dollars were missing before I went to work. It’s only me, my mom, and my auntie in the house and they both knew were I had my money hidden. I’m beyond hurt that one of them could steal from me (I’m 16) I’ve offered to help with anything I could I’m hurt honestly idek what to do