Should I report him

I was in the group chat and it said no memes (because of what happened last year) but I sent one anyway (the rules was made weeks ago and I forgot) so then 2 boys and their friends said kick me out and the owner did but not immediately (she did it hours later) and said that there’s rules she needs to follow then ppl were saying to add me back and they didn’t see a problem with my meme. I told the owner that this one boy said the n word in there but he’s not kicked and she said that he didn’t say the n word (he said nibba which is still the n word but in slang and she’s white so she doesn’t get it clearly) but she said it’s mainly because of memes that you’ll get kicked (which makes no sense because my meme wasn’t offensive but a boy says a racial slur and ppl ganged up on me but they don’t get kicked). People also said they want me back in the chat.

Here’s the meme I posted

Here’s what the boy said

He didn’t say it in an offensive term but it’s a racial slur and I’m one of the few black kids in my grade and the rest of them are non black so they’re fine with people saying it

My dad told me to ignore it because it’ll turn more into a problem but it pisses me off that they ganged up on me and said a racial slur without thinking of how it affects others in the chat.

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