Confused 😕

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 5 months and yesterday he told me that he could be bisexual because he’s had some some thought about kissing his guy friend a couple of times before we were together and he said he tries not think about it and just shoves it down and I had some kind of thought that he was bi and I’ve asked him multiple times and he said no he doesn’t go both ways and kinda jokes it off and I feel heartbroken the he hid and this now I feel like I’m stuck and when we had sex he had a hard time staying hard and he had to finger me and I had to jerk him off to get it hard again (it was our first time) and I asked him if it was because he didn’t find me attractive and he said no it was because he was just nervous and I feel really insure about myself and I’m just so confused and he said he is to and I just don’t know 😥😥😥 he said he’s not gay but he’s not sure if he’s bi and I support him and it was very hard for me to accept I have always supported lgbtq people bit it’s different when it’s your boyfriend 😕 I have been crying all day I just have no idea how to feel and I was wondering if anyone has or is in a similar situation 😔 his family don’t support gay people and I told him he can’t change him and said he could 😓