Husband committed adultery in our marriage... forgive or divorce?

Well ladies.... in need of some advice and maybe what you decided to do after this, if went through this situation. My husband stopped speaking to me back in July for a little over 3 weeks.. he spoke to some others females, which I figured. But I had recently found out he hung out with 2 of the females. One I have been getting information from about what had happened the 2 weeks the talked. They hung out, had sort of a “fling” you could say, flirted with her, called her his princess, baby, hunny, telling her he loved her. And then a couple days later I find out that they had sex!!! Over the course of 3 weeks, he could not keep it in his pants apparently,. They had sex 3 times the 3 times they hung out, no protection, no pulling out. She said she’s on birth control but I get worried because you can always get pregnant on birth control. She did say she got her period last week though, which was a relief to me. But I still can’t get over the fact that he did what he did and lied to me. He didn’t tell me any of this happened, he admitted to hanging out with her but said they didn’t have sex.. but I have proof. I just feel so betrayed and hurt. I am currently pregnant with his child and I’m trying not to stress but it kills me inside. Truly does.

So my question is for you ladies, is if something similar happened to y’all and you learned to forgive and continue your marriage or did you divorce? Trying to seek my options here. Thank you in advance 💜