Amazing night 🤤❤️

Just had the most amazing night ! My boyfriend and I had sex and after weeks of not feeling horny , I was finally horny tonight! First it started with us masturbating and watching each other ( we did it mainly because my boyfriend wanted to cum first to last longer once we were actually going to have sex). So we both ended up cumming together and then when we cleaned up a little , he came back to me and started kissing me and my neck ! Then started to suck on my boobs 😍 so we got horny again and he got on top of me and went fast ! It felt sooo amazing ! After moaning and telling him to go faster , I finished again ! So for the first time , I got on top of him and he started moving me the way he wanted to and it honesty felt so good also! He ended up cumming once again while I was on top! It was so much fun and sexy! Something we haven’t done in such a long time!! Just wanted to share my experience tonight !