Idk where to post this

I had unprotected sex in June the day before my peak ovulation day (according to glow), since then my periods have been on the lighter side, i didn’t even need to wear a full blown pad, a panty liner was more than sufficient (my period is normally super heavy, like bleed through a super plus tampon in a hour heavy) and only

lasted 3 days (normally lasts 5-6). I just figured i was stressed out with work and starting nursing school in August that my period was just wonky. My period is now 4 days late and i don’t have hardly any period symptoms, other than some light cramping and super tender boobs there’s nothing. Tonight however, when i was getting changed for bed i noticed a wet spot on my bra right around where my nipple would have been. When i looked at my nip there was a white fluid coming out of it, when i wiped it away more came out. i have never had this happen before and i do have a call into my gynecologists office