What do I do?

My husband is seriously starting to piss me off. We have been together 7 years and he has quite an obsessive personality. It has caused issues throughout our marriage because he kind of goes all into something whether its collecting something or his car or whatever and doesnt think of the time, finance etc just does it without thinking and spends hundreds of pounds which we dont have.

Anyway, so his latest thing is becoming healthier which is great so he has gone on a really restrictive diet, gradually (although still relatively quickly) coming off his anti depressants and started working out hardcore. He has been doing this for about 7 weeks now. And it has turned into a self obsession... now he is suddenly also buying himself multiple expensive aftershaves and going into the city every day to come home with new testers which he will sit on the sofa sniffing. He has new clothes/shoes turn up every single day and they are all branded like vans and stuff.

I love that he is looking after himself but he has this awful attitude and is totally grumpy and distant. I had bitten my tongue thinking it would pass because it was just his anti depressants. But now its starting to really annoy me. I have recently been quite unwell (in hospital) and usually he wouldve been really caring. Well I came home from hospital to do everything for our children which is full on when my meds make me feel very ill and one of our children is toilet training and waking multiple times through the night. Yet ive been signed off work to rest!

During this time he has also started to become really secretive about his phone. If its on charge and he leaves the room he now takes it with him and he is really funny if I ask to borrow it or anything like that. He has said it is because he has pictures he doesnt want me to see (of himself) and another time he said its because i always ask to go on his phone. But i dont anymore than before, only if mine is dead and i need to text my mum or want to take a picture or google something. But theres never been a problem with that before.

I dont know... part of me worries that this distance and self obsession is because there is someone else... although he doesnt really spend much time out so it would have to be someone at work. I think it is more likely that it is just his anti depressants and obsessive personality but im finding it really hard to cope with, especially with not being well myself right now. I have tried talking to him and he cannot take it at all... however calm i stay he just gets aggressive or shuts off. He has a drs appointment at the end of the month so hopefully that will help.

I dont expect anyone will actually of read this but its kind of been therapy just writing my feelings all down somewhere as I dont really have anyone to talk to.

And if anyone did make it to the end... if you have any advice, suggestions etc im totally open to hearing them!