Breastfeeding After C Section!!


Ok C section mamas I need a little insight on breastfeeding after having a c section!

So a little back story: When I had my son a couple years ago I had to end up having an emergency c section in the middle of the night after being in labor all day and I ended up not getting to see him for 2 or so hours after he was born and then I was so drugged up and out of it I dont even remember if I tried feeding him or not or what that night! I was also told with having a c section it could take longer for my milk to come in. Ok fine but while in the hospital baby wouldnt latch hardly without a nipple shield (the lactation consultant was no help and according to our sons ped he didnt have a lip or tounge tie) I tried to pump and pump and never even could get anything but a few drops of colostrum so we had to end up supplementing with formula while there it took 4 or 5 days just to get even any colostrum while pumping and about 7 days or so to even be able to pump an oz and my supply just never was great my son never would latch with out a nipple shield and still no idea why because my nipples are fine not flat or inverted and arent overly small or large either. I ended up having to pump exclusively for 2-3 months and that was just exhausting and I finally switched to formula completely and stopped but it broke my heart!

So I'm having a scheduled c section in a couple months and I'm stressing over breastfeeding I want to be able to do it so badly this time around and have a better experience but I'm worried about my milk not coming in fast enough and baby getting upset and rejecting my boob ect.. Did you have the same issue with having an emergency c section? And then it be better with a scheduled one the next time? Any tips and tricks to help me out while in the hospital so hopefully I wont have to supplement while there or when I get home? Help a mama out!