What do I do?

Sorry in advance for the long post.

Me and my parent have been together for 7 years and have 2 children together. Last year I go diagnosed with a illness. I became very low and it effect our relationship to the point where we both decided to not be together anymore. We split for a year and when he came to collect the children we spoke more and more each time and realised we still love each other. So we decided to get back together. When we got back together he told me he had to tell me something .

He took my so called “friend” to a hotel and slept together.

My heart is broken. I know we wasn’t together and I don’t want to leave him. I genuinely love him so much . He cried to me and told me he regrets everything and it only happened once. But I can’t forget it and keep bringing it up. He says I’m pushing him away :( how do I forget and learn to love him again. ( I do love him so much ) but I can’t get this vision out my head and I do bring it up constantly :( how do I get over it?