Why is getting pregnant so hard?!

Jes**TTC our 🌈👶🏻**TTC 2yrs**Mama to one 👼🏻**

Anyone remember that first time fear “oh I hope I don’t get pregnant” then every time your period is a day late having the heart attack that you’ve got knocked up without meaning too???

BOY if only it were that damn easy! I was ALWAYS that girl who thought that as soon as I was ready I’d be pregnant the next month. I never ever saw so much heart break and turmoil in my future.

I’ve never wanted anything more than to be a mum. It’s all I can remember wanting to be. So why can’t I have that??

It breaks my heart seeing so many people who didn’t want babies getting pregnant. Or people getting pregnant within the first month. I just want it to be me.

I feel like I’ve lost hope. And my heart is breaking. I love my boyfriend more than life but I could never imagine not being able to make him a dad.

We have our angel baby but we never got to hold that baby. Hear it’s heartbeat. Have it in our home.

I just want so bad to tell him he’s going to be a daddy.

Is it ever going to happen?!