youtuber who favors sustainable fashion partners with amazon


aight folks anotha controversy for the one and only plane ghost star fish womannnnn.

a semi-popular youtuber who i personally watch known as bestdressed aka ashley recently was sponsored by amazon in a video and she got majorr backlash!

ashley has been known to shop for clothes in sustainable shops like thrift stores, and she is a huge advocate for not promoting large corporations.

a lot of her fans wrote how shocked they were about the situation, “glad i’m not the only one concern about the amazon thing. like i understand you can’t always give up shopping at these places but when you tell us how much you want to grow and get away from capitalistic companies like these videos and your messages get confusing.” (quotes linda ramirez on the comment section)

if you’ve seen any of her videos, or even just now clicking into one and seeing how opinionated and passionate she is about stuff like this is really weird and obviously pretty hypocritical. i’m a huge fan of ashley and disappointed in her decision about this but i’ll probably keep supporting her and watch her videos.

might update this w quotes from the buzzfeed article!!