Lesson learned

The biggest lesson I recently learned in life is never pursue a relationship with somebody who originally pursued you when they themselves are not single. A few years ago I took interest in a guy well actually he pursued me first who I learned on our first date that he was not single, he had a girlfriend who he was living with and they were in a relationship for eight years. Now of course he had to tell me this because when you live with someone in most cases it is harder to hide it when you were having an affair compared to when you do not live with the person. So to make a long story short basically the same thing happened when him and I became official. Except him and I did not live together, thank goodness. But many inappropriate text messages he was sending to females. Maybe only had sex with one. But it was all messages. He was broke and talked to much shit of taking a girl on a date. After he gave her his life story in a message she never replied so I believe she wasn’t interested. But anyway my big questions are isn’t it true that these type of people even if they tell you they will not go back to old ways they in most cases still do cheat? Because in most cases once a cheater always a cheater? And to do you all think that it was easier for him to do this with me because him and I did not live together? However when he was with his ex I did not give two fucks about her and when she would be at work I came over a couple times and one time we fucked in her bed. And after I left he obviously had to change the sheets get rid of the wet spot and any evidence of my hair or perfume on the sheets . So wasn’t I kind of asking for this?