anyone, help


so i’ve been with my boyfriend for over a year. and things are really good. well, they were. a couple months ago around January, he got into a small accident at school and sprained his ankle and was bound to crutches. it broke my heart seeing him struggle and grunt in pain. before this, i could go hours without a reply. but now i can’t go longer than 15 minutes without the need to double snapchat him, or call him, or anything. i need to know what he’s doing every second otherwise i think he’s hurt or dead.

like if he goes for a nap, i need to know. i need to keep in contact with him if he’s going out for a walk, or if he’s watching youtube or playing a video game. i’m not being obsessive over him, i just have the biggest fear now that he’s constantly hurt. or worse. and i can’t get out the mindset. and it’s making me physically ill and i don’t know what to do because i’m always in a state of sheer panic. any advice? because challenging my thought process hasn’t worked :/