Was I in the wrong? Pls read!!

I’m 15 btw

Today has just been a crazy day, my mom and I made plans to go do things together like a girls day while I was getting ready my mom received a call from by older brother asking if me and my two other brothers wanted to go to the pool they said yes but I obviously declined since I was already going out. 30 minutes later my mom said that she wanted to cancel the girls day plan so she can go with your bf somewhere with his daughter I was very upset as we never make plans just us two so when it finally happens it gets canceled. After she said that she told me that she wanted me to go to the pool with them. For me I never liked the beach or pool so I never go but I’ve been think that the reason she wanted me to go was because she feels guilty that she canceled on me.

I didn’t want to go but I still went anyway. I thought to myself that it’s ok I don’t need to be upset I have my AirPods I can just listen to music sit in the shade and mind my own business like I usually do. When we go to the pool we went to my brothers wife moms house since she had the key. (It’s a community pool) I sat on the couch looking at my phone scrolling through tik tok when my brothers wife and her mom said my name and said I probably sat on pee. I looked up at her mom confused cause I wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying. When they told me again I got up too check my pants. It was kinda wet but I didn’t really mind at all. Yea I was alittle mad since hello it’s pee on my pants but it wasn’t anybodies fault. I said “oh ok it’s ok” and looked back on my phone. When they were trying to find a spot for me to sit I said while looking on my phone that it’s ok I’ll just stand on one of the walls. I walked to a wall and stood there. That’s when my brothers wife came up to me and said “fix your face no need to have an attitude” I was confused because I never looked at anyone when I moved and I didn’t say anything rudely I was talking quietly because I was shy. I was upset cause of the way she said that to me. Then when my brother comes back inside the house he starts yelling at me “I don’t get why you have an attitude for no reason, if you didn’t want to fucking come don’t come” I just looked at him and went back on my phone trying to hold my tears. I already was having a rough day waking up at 6am everyday then to have my own cancel plans to hang out with her bf to have my brother and his wife yelling at me. Everyone just stared at me while I sniffled trying to keep myself together.

After that I texted my mom saying if she can pick me up since I was obviously not wanted here and she got mad at me. After that I was waiting on her to pick me up and then I overheard my brothers wife calling me a bitch and saying that she’s on my bad side now

Was I in the wrong? Idk what to do. I feel unwanted here. I just want to be 18 so I can leave already

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